Friday, December 12, 2008


"Music is my life"

Without music my life is an empty void of nothing. It's been a full year since i have been in the studio, venting my thoughts in the booth. With that being said this last year has been a living hell. I have so much i wanna say and so much i wanna write but my mind is caged. The inspiration i had months back has ceased to exist.

Physically and mentally i am noticeably weakened. The one thing is love most is for the moment out of reach. I can no longer outstretch my mind to my unattainable dream.

I'm not saying that I'm giving up on my music. That thought has plagued my mind once, and i have vowed to myself never to let those blasphemous thoughts cloud my mind again.

I am simply stating that until i am able to continue the path of hip hop greatness, my actions, thoughts, and life will be totally different. I'm not asking anyone to give me a handout, or to put me on their "squad". I want to be able to continue my music in a studio i can call my own.

This music is my destiny........

Right now, it's on hold.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Rumors are the inevitable destroyer of all relationships. It's amazing when a female or even male friend hear's a rumor about you and their reaction isn't at the least bit friendly. See rumors put people in what i like to call a blind rage of words. When the rumor is heard by your significant other,they always seem to blabber words that will later lead to regret. As a recent victim to the blind rage of words, i feel that victims have every right to be mad at the one who is in the rage. Its also a shock how the person in the rage can all of a sudden switch and not be mad and expect everything to be all gravy. Honestly thats not how it works.

For all you Blind Rage of Words people, it is expected that you apologize to the victim of your attack for not coming to them before you entered your rage. I promise after the apology everything will be all good.